From the Files was originally created exclusively for our Patreon supporters. Released monthly, the show detailed the latest news updates and developments on cases previously covered by Casefile. After receiving requests for case updates from our general audience, we decided to take From the Files out from behind Patreon’s paywall, improve the format, and release it for free to all our listeners.

From the Files is an informal companion podcast for Casefile, not a replacement. In addition to covering breaking news updates, episodes may focus on a specific episode from our back catalogue and include guest interviews to delve deeper into those crimes, investigations, and prosecutions.


Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to support us directly. Casefile is and always will be free to download. However, your support on Patreon ensures that we will be able to continue to produce high-quality content while supporting our staff and ensuring we are constantly improving the way we do things. To show our gratitude for your generous financial contributions, we have created some perks available exclusively for our Patreon supporters, including early release and ad-free episodes of Casefile and From the Files. We are also launching a new Patreon exclusive show in the near future.
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