Reporting on the Port Arthur Tragedy with Gary Tippet

Nov 23, 2019

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Episode description

In the sixth episode of From the Files, Casefile’s host talks with Gary Tippet, a journalist and author whose illustrious career spans over four decades. Gary has received multiple awards for his work, including a Walkley, Australia’s top journalism honour, and has co-authored two true crime books. He has covered some of the biggest stories in the country, including the 1996 massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania, covered in episode 45 of Casefile. Gary talked with us about what it was like to report on this infamous case, which has had such a profound impact throughout Australia.



Gary Tippet – special guest
Anonymous Host – research, narration
Erin Munro – research, writing
Milly Raso – research, writing
Elsha McGill – research, writing
Mike Migas – production, scoring
Paulina Szymanska – design



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