Searching for the Beaumont Children with Stuart Mullins

Aug 31, 2019

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In the third episode of From the Files, Casefile’s host covers news updates from: 

He then talks with Stuart Mullins, an Australian researcher who has been investigating the 1966 disappearance of the Beaumont Children for over a decade. Stuart felt a personal connection to the case – having grown up in the South Australian suburb of Glenelg at the same time that Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont went missing. He has since worked alongside true crime author, Alan Whiticker, to publish several bestselling books on the notorious case. Following a credible tip-off, Stuart, with the expert assistance of private investigator Bill Hayes, uncovered a new person of interest they firmly believe was responsible for the crime. Stuart speaks with us about his involvement in the case and how Australia’s most enduring mystery may be solved.


‘Tulsa dive team to search Picher site where missing Welch girls are believed to have spent their final days’ – Tulsa World

‘Oklahoma agencies to begin searching site for remains of missing teens in 1999 cold case’ – Oklahoma News 4

‘Search Picks Up For Welch Girls Missing For Nearly 2 Decades’ – News 9 Oklahoma

‘Missing Welch Girls: Crews come up empty in Picher in Ashley Freeman, Lauria Bible case’ – Fox23 News

‘2 day search in Picher for teens remains ends with no findings’ – KOAM News Now

‘Search in Picher missing girls concludes’ – The Miami News Record

Alleged Family Court Bomber Trial Halted – Cowa Guardian

Sydney Bombing Suspect says he was Bullied – 9news

Delay Bid for Alleged NSW Bomber Continues – Illawarra Mercury

Yorkshire Ripper Peter sutcliffe wants Piers Morgan to make TV show about him – The Sun

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe Demands TV Documentary – Daily Star

New twist in Suzy Lamplugh cold case – The Sun

Official Website of David Videcette

Suzy Lamplugh Police accused of ignoring new evidence that might finally unmask her killer – The Sun

Police accused of ignoring evidence in Lamplugh case as new suspect identified – Propety Industry Eye

Suzy Lamplugh’s is ‘alive and at large’ – The Sun

Gary Murphy, brutal murderer of Anita Cobby pictured leaving a Sydney Hospital –

Anita Cobby’s widower in same hospital as wifes killer – The Daily Telegraph

Anita Cobby’s killer got prison justice – The Daily Telegraph

Evil Mum Karen Matthews wants kids to forgive her for kidnapping Shannon – Mirror

Karen Matthews begs forgiveness – The Sun

Karen Matthews blames Mum for kidnap con and claims she knew where Shannon was – Mirror

Allison Baden-Clay’s sister wishes she’d known more about Domestic Violence – 10 Daily

Irish man sentenced to 6 and a half years in US prison over Silk Road role – News Talk

Former Bitcoin Employee jailed over Silk Road role – Mickey

Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht attempts to vacate life sentence – New York Post

Texas Attorney General suspends investigation into death of Thomas Brown – News Channel 10

Texas Attorney General official Joint Statement

Klein Investigations Facebook Post

State Appeal over Graham Dwyer mobile data ruling fixed for December – Irish Times

Graham Dwyer Freedom Bid –


Stuart Mullins – special guest
Anonymous Host – research, narration
Erin Munro – research, writing
Milly Raso – research, writing
Elsha McGill – research, writing
Mike Migas – production, scoring
Paulina Szymanska – design


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