The Claremont Killer with Tim Clarke

Aug 3, 2019

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Episode description

In the second episode of From the Files, Casefile’s host talks with the legal affairs editor for The West Australian newspaper, Tim Clarke. Tim’s journalism career spans more than two decades. After establishing himself in the United Kingdom, he relocated to Australia where his articles have featured in many of the country’s major publications. He has covered a number of high profile criminal cases, including The Claremont Serial Killings, which we detailed in episode 30 of Casefile. In this episode of From the Files, Tim speaks with us about the long history of the Claremont investigation and explains the latest updates from a recent pre-trial hearing and what to expect from the upcoming murder trial.



Tim Clarke – special guest
Anonymous Host – research, narration
Erin Munro – research, writing
Milly Raso – research, writing
Elsha McGill – research, writing
Mike Migas – production, scoring
Paulina Szymanska – design


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